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My name is Melanie Grace Gillespie and I was born in Dublin Ireland in 1978. My father is an entertainer in Ireland (www.brendangrace.com) and so I grew up in the theatre and started performing at an early  age singing, dancing and acting for anyone who'd watch! My friends today would tell you that I haven't changed much in that department ;) My father had the honor of performing on tour with Frank Sinatra and so we moved to the United States in 1994. I became involved with an Irish theatre group called 'The Inishfree Theatre Group' where I performed for about 3 years. I was later accepted into Boston's Emerson College where I received my BFA in theatre training in 2001. I have acted on many stages and find it hard to describe that feeling when performing live theatre. It's powerful. Exhilarating. Rewarding.I have also worked with a wonderful company called  'The Unexpected Theatre Experience' in Florida created by 2 acting mentors of mine, Rae Randall and John Carlile. I continue to collaborate with these fabulous actors as a way of staying creative and learning from each experience.

A few years back I began working with another great friend of mine, Ray Yeates, in Dublin Ireland in the early 2000's where he was the director of The Axis Theatre in Ballymun, spending my time on and off stage as both an actor and a drama teacher. I taught in the Dublin school system in the Irish language (Gaeilge, or Gaelic) and found another passion in teaching. The beauty of performing is that it is suitable and enjoyable for ALL ages! Being on stage is a fabulous energy but teaching children, teenagers & adults is more rewarding than I could have every imagined. A highlight for me was being approached one day by a troubled young girl from Dublin's inner city whom I took under my wing and made the lead role of a play I had written for the community and she told me that I had changed her path in life ... no feeling beats that.

In 2006 I got the part of Ann Marie Murphy on a Soap Opera filmed out of beautiful Galway on Ireland's west coast. I thoroughly enjoyed working on tv because it was very new and different from theatre and I couldn't have asked to be a part of a better cast! I learned so much on that set ...
Without blabbering on too much more, after having my 2 sons, James Michael & Patrick Francis (not Irish names at all, huh?!) we moved back to Quincy Massachusetts in April of 2011. My passion for teaching is once again ready for action, which brings me to introduce you to ...
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Melanie was born in Dublin Ireland and moved to the USA in 1994. She grew up in theatrical family and theatre became a second home to her at an early age. She received her BFA in theatre training at Emerson College in Boston and went on to perform in many theatre roles, her favorite being Mrs Clackett in Noises Off. In 2006 she landed a role in a soap opera in Ireland for a year. Melanie developed a children's theatre program during this time that she brought into schools all over Ireland teaching both in English and Gaelic. She moved back to Boston in 2008 with her husband and they now live in quincy with their 2 'dramatic' sons, James & Patrick. Melanie founded the School of Mel O' Drama in Milton Massachusetts in 2011 and teaches children, teens, adolescents and adults throughout the year. A combination of improvisation techniques, voice work, script writing and movement is what you can expect in a session of Mel O' Drama. Empowering children and arming them with the tools they need to face troubling issues is something Melanie sees as vital and very rewarding. Working on confidence, awareness and helping people to let go and HAVE FUN is another area  wherein Melanie prides herself. Melanie also plays piano, guitar and is known to burst into German conversation upon hearing a broken English accent!