'My daughter tends to be quiet in groups but since starting Mel O' Drama I see her becoming more vocal and outgoing. She is so happy when I pick her up from class and loves to perform bits of what she's learned. She loves Mel. Mel's enthusiasm is infectious!' - Patricia, mother of 7 year old student


'Mel O' Drama makes me feel happy. Mel is really nice and the songs we sing are awesome.' - Mary, Age 7


'Mel's enthusiasm is contageous! She is so fun and creative with the kids! My daughters get so excited about going to class each week!' - Michelle, mother of 3 Mel O' Drama students


'I think Mel helps me express my feelings. She is awesome and makes class fun every week. Drama is a blast!' - Keira (10), Sara (8) & Sophie (6)


'In a short period of time my daiughter's confidence has grown. She loves drama with Mel!' - Diane, mother of 7 year old student


'Drama has been a refreshing and fun after school activity for my daughter. Melanie has such enthusiasm!' - Michelle, daughter of 8 year old student


'I love Mel O' Drama. We used to drive out to Riverside with stressful traffic. How lucky are we to have a drama company right in Milton!' - Fiona, mother of 2 students


'It's so much fun! I love when Mel pretends we're in England and we change our accents!' - Elizabeth, Age 7