BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND THIS SESSION ... and better than ever! 


MEL O' MOVES: expressive movement

(AGES 6+) 


This is a GREAT class for the child who loves to move and groove! Students listen to a variety of music and together with the teacher, they discuss what emotions they feel when listening to the songs. This class encourages students to reach deep within themselves to find the most efficient ways of expressing thoughts and feelings. Students quickly realize how little the spoken word has to of with effective communication! 


Songs are choreographed using sign language, teaching students to express the message of each song though movement, signs and facial gestures. Children will learn the power of how actions speak louder than words as they move through the course of this class. Lead by pediatric psychologist and sign language expert, Ms. Robyn Fatseas, local children are in for such a treat in this class! 


Tuesdays 5-6pm in Milton