We are so excited for 4 full days of MUSIC! CHOREOGRAPHY! SET DESIGN! COSTUME DESIGN! and a bonding experience between a group of children who will sing themselves through this April vacation week and then some!

In this camp, we will choose 4 fantastic songs from our favorite LITTLE MERMAID and we will work on every aspect of the songs from lyric memorization to dance choreography to set/costume designs and stage presence! 

SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE! On the last day of camp, ARIEL herself will join us to help us sing our songs for family and friends! 


Camp will be held in our Quincy location, 12 Quincy Ave (across from Firestone) 


Tuesday April 18 -Friday April 21 from  9am-3pm REGISTER RIGHT HERE FOR ALL 4-FULL-DAYS!

IS THERE A HALF DAY OPTION? There is. Half days will go from 9-12pm but our show (with Ariel) takes place on Friday at 2:30pm so please understand that if you choose half day camp, your child will not get to meet Ariel or be in the show. We DO have an extended Friday option though if you'd like to do 3 half-days and then a full day Friday. See options below:




We are accepting all ages from 5-13 years as we have something for everyone in this camp AND children 8+ can take the title of 'junior assistant' if they'd like a few responsibilities in camp i.e. helping teachers with smaller groups etc .. so don't worry about being a little older! We have something for every age to keep you happy and productive! 

What to wear?

We ask students to come dressed in black so that everyone is on the same page. 

What to bring?

A nut-free lunch and a large water bottle! We will provide snacks daily and we'll always have extra water on stand by!

A more detailed email will be sent out closer the time but feel free to email us with any questions or concerns between now and then! 


$360 (Sibling discount available) for full day

$180 for half days

$225 for half days plus extended day Friday only (to be a party of the show and meet Ariel) 

I'm here to help so reach out if I can answer any questions! Mel (617) 276-2772