Mel O' Drama (ages 5-8)
In this drama class, students bond through theatre games, scenes, commercials and movement. We always incorporate confidence and self-assurance whether through song or rap or even within scene work in class. We write a play in class which we rehearse weekly and perform right before session ends! I have several different days and times (see further below) depending on your child's age and ability so please contact me if this is the class for your budding actor!
Mel O' Moves (ages 5+)
In Mel O' Moves, we choose some of our favorite songs from the radio, from musicals and from my own playlist (!!) and we base our movements on the lyrics AND the emotions that the songs evoke in us as we listen. We sometimes choreograph mini scenes (i.e. fairytales) to different music genres  and we present our work at the end of session. This is a great class for the child who might express herself/himself better through movement rather than language. It's also a great class for those who LOVE dance but who might be tired of the conventional style dance class. Unlike most dance classes that teach specific steps, Mel O' Moves allows the child to flow whichever way he/she feels the body should.
Character Development (ages 8.5+)
In this class, children usually have several of my Mel O' Drama sessions under their belt before joining. We delve much further into drama in character development creating characters which eventually tie into a play that we present at the end of session. We incorporate theatre games into this class also which really creates a strong bond amongst the students. 
Improv (ages 8+)
This is a fast-paced, fun and FUNNY class! If you've ever seen the show 'who's line is it anyway?' and LOVED it, then this class is very much like the child-friendly version of that show! It's a WONDERFUL way to encourage kids to let go and create with little or no premeditation! We finish this session with a 'who's line is it anyway?' type show where we ask the audience for suggestions and when I tell you this is by far our FUNNIEST show at Mel O' Drama, I am NOT kidding! A GREAT class for the kid who just LOVES to be funny!! 
Songwriting with Audrey (spots available)
In this mini session, students are guided by award-nominated songwriter Audrey Woodhams and taken on a very creative journey into the background of songwriting. From Audrey: "This class at Mel O' Drama has been a great success this fall, with every spot filled in just a few weeks!  I'm so excited to bring it back this January.  In this 10-week course, we listen to popular music and use fun musical activities to explore elements of melody and lyric writing.  Students give their own ideas to write simple original songs together.  In a fun and encouraging environment, students will discover, "Wow! It's fun and easy to write a song!"