Darlene is the story of an ordinary little girl with an EXTRAordinary imagination! At only six and a half years old ('that half is quite exciting!'), she lives in a beautiful Castle with her pet Dragon Shakespeare and her floating mask mentors, Comedy and Tragedy. She takes us on a tour of Drama Land which is bursting with color and positivity and finally she leads us to her 'stage of magic' where she stands to help 'friends who come to me with problems they believe will never end.' In this first book, we are introduced to a shy little girl named Lucy who feels so 'shy inside' that 'when people try to talk to me it makes me want to hide!' Using theatrical play and encouraging affirmations, Lucy eventually walks off the stage taller and prouder than she ever thought possible! She 'can't wait to go practice' all the wonderful tools that Darlene and her friends have given her to help her through the shy times. 


Darlene has been living inside me for years now mainly because she IS so much of me as a child. But more so, she is a brilliant blend of every student who has ever passed through my Drama School. She's kind, klutzy, curious, silly, energetic and most of all, empowering. She genuinely wants to help other children and has a natural ability to help them realize that they have everything they need already right within them. She just facilitates them on their journey to finding what they need inside themselves using theatrical games and mirroring mantras! It reminds me so much of the Wizard of Oz when the Great and Powerful Oz tells Dorothy and her friends that although they've traveled such a far way to meet him, they already had everything inside them that they came to seek! They just had to look deep inside and realize their own power. Darlene is an Oz in this sense!


My first book, 'Darlene the Drama Queen: Raises the Curtain on Confidence,' deals with just that: CONFIDENCE. This is something I aim to instill in my students every single day and is at the very heart of my drama program. Future books in the series will deal with subjects such as bullying, divorce, skin color, disability and many issues children face and question. I will be working closely alongside parents and child psychologists to make sure that Darlene is giving the best and most effective advice to her readers. 

I hope you'll join Darlene and her friends on a journey to build confidence & self-belief, one reader at a time. 



If you would like a SIGNED copy of my book, you can order through my website but you will have a shipping fee of $11.99 when shipped from the USA.

Otherwise, the book is available through AMAZON.CO.UK 


'From this Queen, your friend Darlene ... be confident, and GOOD LUCK!'

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