Darlene the Drama Q..

Darlene is the story of an ordinary little girl with an EXTRAordinary imagination! At only six and a half years old ('that half is quite exciting!'), she lives in a beautiful Castle with her pet Dragon Shakespeare and her floating mask mentors, Comedy and Tragedy. She takes us on a tour of Drama Land which is bursting with color and positivity and finally she leads us to her 'stage of magic' where she stands to help 'friends who come to me with problems they believe will never end. Read More.

Birthday party

A Mel O’ Drama party is unique in that the birthday child gets to tailor his/her party in a private meeting with Mel prior to the party! The Drama Queen or King selects a theme from my list for either a short play … OR choose their favorite song which we’ll act out, movement style! We can also incorporate a song into a short play if your child likes both drama & movement. Read More.




 Whether it's a full day or a half day camp you're looking for, we have lots of great options for kids aged 5-13! 

Improv (8+)

Circus Camp (5+)

Musical Theatre (5+ and 8+)

Drama and Cooking Combo (Sold out)

Camp on the Cape!

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Mel O' Moves is back this Fall!!

MEL O' MOVES: expressive movement

(AGES 6+) 


This is a GREAT class for the child who loves to move and groove! Students listen to a variety of music and together with the teacher, they discuss what emotions they feel when listening to the songs. This class encourages students to reach deep within themselves to find the most efficient ways of expressing thoughts and feelings. Students quickly realize how little the spoken word has to of with effective communication! 

Tuesdays 5-6pm in Milton 

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