Classes run for 10 weeks starting the week of Oct 2nd


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Mel O'Drama (Ages 5-8)

Traditional Drama Class



In this drama class, students bond through theatre games, scenes, commercials and movement. We always incorporate confidence and self-assurance whether through song or rap or even within scene work in class. We write a play in class which we rehearse weekly and perform it in class the end of session! Below is a list of days/times we offer this class. 


Monday 3:30 in Milton 

Tuesday 1pm in Quincy 

Tuesday 3:30 in Milton 

Wednesday 5pm in Milton 

Thursday 3:30 in Milton 

Friday 3:30 in Milton 



Character Development (Ages 8.5+)


In this class, children usually have several of my Mel O' Drama sessions under their belt before joining. We delve much further into drama in character development creating characters which eventually tie into a play that we present at the end of session. We incorporate theatre games into this class also which really creates a strong bond amongst the students. We end this session with a show of our work!


Mondays 5-6:30pm in Milton 

90 minute class

Wednesdays 3:30-4:45 in Milton 

75 minute class



Improv (Ages 8+)


This is a fast-paced, fun and often times HYSTERICAL class! If you've ever seen the show 'who's line is it anyway?' and LOVED it then this class is very much like the child-friendly version of that show! It's a WONDERFUL way to encourage kids to let go and create with little or no premeditation! We finish this session with a 'who's line is it anyway?' type show where we ask the audience for suggestions and when I tell you this is by far our FUNNIEST show at Mel O' Drama, I am NOT kidding! A GREAT class for the kid who just LOVES to be funny!! 


Wednesdays 6-7pm in Milton or Thursdays 5:15-6:15pm in Quincy 


OUR NEWEST CLASS! Teen Improv for ages 13-17! Be a part of an improv troupe! 



We are SO excited to bring this class to local teens having seen the benefits of this class for our 8-12 year olds! We are starting this class with a goal of forming an improv troupe who could then perform locally at open mic nights (like that at the Milton Art Centre) and other places in the area too! 


Students in this class will learn how much FUN it is to bring scenes and skits to life on stage with little or no time to rehearse! It's a fast paced class and helps students think on their feet, trust their instincts and experience the benefits of confidence and bonding with peers. Skills learned in class bring huge benefits to other situations in a students life, particularly social interactions. 


Fridays 4:45-5:45 495 Canton Ave (First Congregational Church)  



BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND THIS SESSION ... and better than ever! 


MEL O' MOVES: expressive movement

(AGES 6+) 


This is a GREAT class for the child who loves to move and groove! Students listen to a variety of music and together with the teacher, they discuss what emotions they feel when listening to the songs. This class encourages students to reach deep within themselves to find the most efficient ways of expressing thoughts and feelings. Students quickly realize how little the spoken word has to of with effective communication! 


Songs are choreographed using sign language, teaching students to express the message of each song though movement, signs and facial gestures. Children will learn the power of how actions speak louder than words as they move through the course of this class. Lead by pediatric psychologist and sign language expert, Ms. Robyn Fatseas, local children are in for such a treat in this class! 


Tuesdays 5-6pm in Milton 




Musical Theatre Intensive (Ages 7+)



Although we haven't decided on our Fall production title yet, we encourage you to jump on board for this amazing ride! From September to December, students will meet twice a week to rehearse everything from songs to choreography to character development. They'll be immersed into the world of showbiz learning the importance of teamwork and learning exactly what it takes to pull a production together from start to finish. Everyone will be ready to showcase their talents in our mid-December production! Students bond so beautifully in this process and our incredible staff nurture the actors on their journey bringing the best of everyone to the stage for the big show!


AUDITION DATE: Saturday, September 9th 

Rehearsal Schedule: Tuesdays (6-8pm) and Saturdays (9-1pm) in Christ Church Quincy, 12 Quincy Ave, starting the Tuesday after audition day!







Ukulele and singing with Audrey Ages 7-12yrs


Audrey's songwriting class at Mel O' Drama has been incredibly popular this past year. From intimate classes to sell-out workshops, we are so thrilled to offer this wonderful new class taught by Audrey where students will learn to play the ukulele and sing. Students will perform in the last class for family and friends! Tuition includes a ukulele per student. 


Wednesdays 6-7pm in Milton REGISTER HERE