Do you love theatre? Do you have a passion for teaching kids?
Are you longing to own your own business where you can combine both of these passions and create your DREAM job??!!

Then you've come to the right place and guess what? I have spent almost 6 years doing ALL the base work for you! So when you come on board the Mel O' Drama train, you can be sure that you're investing into a business that has been tried and tested with GREAT success!

In my goal to get my drama program into as many towns across the Country (and beyond) as I possibly can so that kids everywhere can experience the many benefits theatre can offer, I spent 18 months with a wonderful franchise team (Big Sky Franchise Team) preparing this opportunity I am so excited to present to you!

Your very own 'Mel O' Drama School of Acting!'

I will hold your hand every step of the way training you, helping you select the ideal location, advising you on marketing, organizational and operating skills, and I won't leave your side until you feel confident that you're ready to bring some DRAMA into the lives of children who will THRIVE before your eyes!

It's FUN! It's CREATIVE! It's REWARDING! And it can be YOURS!

At the very least, let’s meet and have a chat about it all to see if this is the career for you!

I can promise you one thing: you’ll never feel more appreciated than you will as a Mel O’ Drama teacher!

For more information on this exciting opportunity, contact me as dramatically as you wish 😉

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